Tuesday, September 9, 2008

This week

Haven't played a ton of poker last two weeks because the beginning of school is a clusterfuck. Just played a little LO8 and done ok but not enough volume to make considerable dough. But still managed to keep up the workouts and only about 4 weeks until the AC half marathon. Without further adieu (sp) this past weeks workout

Tues 9/2 Run 2 miles: 15:36
Wed 9/3 Gym, Chest workout, 10 minutes Abs 20 minutes cardio
Thurs 9/4 Run 3 miles 25:13
Fri 9/5 Bike 6 miles 26:28
Sat 9/6 Gym,, Back workout, 10 minutes abs, 30 minutes cardio
Sun 9/7 Run 11 miles 1:35:59
Mon 9/8 Gym, Arm workout, 20 minutes cardio

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Back To Work

So summer is over and I'm back to work. Fucking Bullshit

Saturday, August 2, 2008

This week

Haven't played much poker this week. Just a bit of 5/10 O8 and a few tournies with modest results. But I cashed out a nice chunk so I am up for the summer even after way too much drunk blackjack in Vegas. Since I know its hugely interesting I'll break down my workouts for the week. Monday I was at my country house so I did nothing but swim and hike.

Morning, Gym:
Back Workout, 10 minutes Abs, 30 minutes Eliptical
2 mile Run in 16:37

Morning, Gym:
Leg Workout, 10 minutes Abs, 20 minutes Eliptical
6 mile bike ride 27:15

Morning, Gym:
Shoulder Workout, 10 min Abs, 30 minutes stairs
5 Mile Run 44:32

Morning, Gym
Chest Workout, 10 min Abs, 30 minutes Eliptical

Morning, Gym
Arm Workout, 10 min Abs, 30 min Stationary Bike

Probably no gym tomorrow and 6 mile run. Peace,


Sunday, July 20, 2008

Good weekend

Won about 2k playing mostly 8/16 Limit O8 on Full Tilt. Amazing how bad the play is and i wish it was that way all week. Played a few MTT's but couldnt get anything going. Still waiting for a nice cash which hasn't come recently but now that the roll is up a decent amount i will play more then 2 a week so i got that going for me.

On the jog/workout front, I have been pretty hardcore. I decided to run the Atlantic City half-marathon again in October so starting a 12 week training for that tomorrow. I have been pretty much going to the gym every morning and then running or biking every night. Dropped about 10 lbs in july and hoping for 10 more before school starts.

Monday, July 14, 2008

Live FT and 750k

Was down at the Borgata last sunday and made the FT of the 100+20. We ended up chopping 8 ways and I got $1100 so not too bad. I wouldn't have chopped but I was the shorty after losing AT < KQ all in pre. No other particularly exciting hands that I can think of. Those things are pretty much a pushfest after 4 levels anyway. Probably be back there on Friday.

Also made it ~deep in the 750k yesterday. Ended up 173rd for like $580. I just e-mailed support for the HH and will try to post it on Pxf as soon as i get it. I think I played pretty well overall but passed on a few spots late that might have been bad.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Back From Vegas

Had a really good time even though I only hung out with Todd a few times and Stoner once. Freerolled into the 2 events I wanted to play (1500 PLO8 and 1500 HORSE) in a $320 SNG but was all downhill from there. Played the Venetian deepstack 3 times (2 330's and a 550) the Caesars megastack once (225) and the two WSOP events and didnt cash once. I misplayed a few big hands so need to get my tourney game in better sorts these next few weeks to make it a profitable summer. still did ok at cash even though i didn't play a ton of it. Played mainly 4/8 omaha at venetian with a half kill and a little 1/3 NL at Caesars. Also, the IP hooked me up by upgrading me to the penthouse suite which was fucking awesome. SO thanks, IP, its kind of a dump but i will surely stay there again if they continue to hook me up.

My most eventful run was in the Event 51, 1500 HORSE. I always feel like mixed games are usually my best bet, because i feel i play all games very well and am very good at adjusting to the switch in games. In the early levels I did best in the razz levels but never chipped up big until a sick hand came up in the Stud Hi round. I have about 8k in chips and the level is 100 ante, 200 bring-in, 500/1000

I was dealt (KK)4 in seat 5. seat one brought in 2 folds, seat 4 (station that likes to play a lot of hands and talk a lot) calls with (xx)T. I complete to 500. Seat 7 (big stack, new to the table, but had shown the wish to push us around) calls, seat 4 calls. 4th street seat 4 (xx)T3, dwal (KK)4Q, seat 7 (xx)J4. I bet, seat 7 raises, seat 4 folds. I plan to c/r on 5th when the limits double.
5th street. dwal (KK)4QK. seat 7 (xx)J4T bingo. looks pretty for me now. i check, he bets I raise he calls. 6th street. dwal (KK)4QK2. seat 7 (xx)J4T7 (3 diamonds) I figure he might have a flush now but i still have a ton of outs to fill up. dwal bets seat 7 calls. 7th street I look down at all 3 cards and see 3 kings in the hole. I quietly wet myself with excitement with my quad kings without a pair on the board and ~3600 left (KKK)4QK2. So I bet, he raises, I wet myself more and 3 bet and say "I only have 600 left". He says "how sick this is" and puts me all-in. I quickly say quad kings and quickly hear "you aren't going to believe this" and think can I seriously be beat by a straight flush? and he flips over quad 7's. with neither of us having a pair on the board. so sick and the whole table is amazed for about two levels and i am happy to be chipped up to about 18k and above average and thinking about coasting to Day 2.

We get to the last 8 hands on the night and I am holding onto about 17k and we are playing omaha. In the last 6 hands of the day I get aces twice and flop seats both times only to get called down and lose to flushes and then the last hand of the day I flop top set with QQ only to get beat by a runner runner flush and a runner runner low. sets suck in omaha. so I enter Day 2 with a measley 6500, half average with limits about to be 600/1200.

1st hand of Day 2, (LHE) it's folded to me OTB with KQc. I raise to 1200 and the BB calls. flop xxQ. I bet he calls. turn x. I bet he calls. river J, I bet he calls with QJ and rake the pot crippling me to about 2k. I fight to stay between 4k and 7k for about 2 hours but ultimately go out about 15-20 spots from the money when I lose a race with QQ < AK in the HE round. gg me. But had fun and am unfortunately back in jersey now. Peace out,


Wednesday, June 11, 2008


I leave for Vegas Monday 6/23 and staying likely until 7/1 or 7/2. Likely playing the 1500 PLO8 on tuesday 6/24 and the 1500 HORSE on that sunday. If anyone is going to be out there, feel free to let me know.